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Foliate Carving

Icon For Artist Artist Gilbert Ward
Icon For About About A stone sculpture fitting to its surroundings in Saltwell Park.

Foliate Carving

"I am a sculptor and a sculptor's work is his statement. Sculpture cannot lie, it is an idea, material, form and structure, brought together in an object, which occupies a particular space with its presence. When I am working for a fixed site, I try to make the piece (usually in stone) fit the place, and fitting into its landscape. One hopes that those who pause upon finding the sculpture, will come to an understanding of its meaning, and of its becoming a living part of their landscape. I live in the hope that others will get the same amount of pleasure seeing the work, as I did in preparing and making it." Gilbert Ward.

Ward was born in 1935, East Riding, Yorkshire and now lives and works in Northumberland.


Saltwell Park

East Park Road



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