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Moving for health reasons

If you suffer from an illness or disability that means your current home is no longer suitable for your needs, you can apply for medical priority to assist you to move to a more suitable property.

To apply you need to register with Gateshead Home Choice and also fill out a medical application form (PDF) [160KB] (opens new window) . The medical application form can be printed off or you can pick one up from your local Housing Office or from the Civic Centre.

Fill the form out and sign it. This gives us permission to get any further information we may need about your illness/disability from your doctor.

Don't worry all information will be kept strictly confidential.

Return the completed signed form to:

Health and Housing Support Team
Housing Services Civic Centre

What happens next

An Assessing Officer will be in touch should further information or a home visit be required. This will happen within approximately 3 weeks from the date your application is received. 

There are four levels of medical priority which can be awarded based on your medical conditions and the suitability of your home for your needs.

  • Critical housing need
  • Urgent housing need
  • Substantial housing need
  • General housing need

Medical priority is awarded to alleviate a risk to your health and wellbeing caused by your current housing situation.

If you qualify for medical priority for rehousing a member of the Health and Housing Team will monitor your bidding to ensure that you are using your priority to bid for suitable properties and will offer you advice and assistance to find a suitable property.

The adaptations team and the medical re-housing team work closely together and individuals are not able to have their home adapted while wishing to re-house.