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Hate crime

Hate crime is any unwanted conduct based upon the actual or perceived race, colour, religion, national and ethnic origin, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation of another individual or group that is intimidating, upsetting, embarrassing, humiliating or offensive, which affects your dignity.

This may include verbal abuse, threatening behaviour, physical abuse, malicious communications, damage to property or possessions and arson, or attempted arson.

Why report hate crime incidents?

Hate crime is a very serious matter - however, many people are reluctant to report hate crime incidents.

If you don't report it, we won't know there's a problem.

How can I report a hate crime incident?

If you are attacked, or witness a hate crime motivated incident, we advise that you contact Northumbria Police immediately.

If you are subjected to hate crime abuse, report it to us here. 
Hate crime is a breach of tenancy - council tenants can report it to their local housing team.

Alternatively, if you need help to report it, we can help you to do that. Contact us