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Corporate Complaints Policy

Learning from complaints

A positive complaint handling culture is integral to the effectiveness with which the Council resolves disputes, the quality of the service it provides, the ability to learn and improve and its relationship with residents.

Accountability and transparency will be embedded in a positive complaint handling culture, with the Council providing feedback to residents on failures in complaint handling and the actions taken to learn and improve from this.

Creating and embedding a culture that values complaints and gives them the appropriate level of priority requires strong leadership and management. The Council recognises the importance of resident involvement, through the formation of resident panels, consulting with residents on the formulation of the complaints policy and procedure and through including them in panel hearings as part of the dispute resolution process, where appropriate.

The Council will look beyond the circumstances of the individual complaint and consider whether anything needs to be 'put right' in terms of process or systems to the benefit of all residents.

An effective complaints process enables the Council to learn from the issues that arise for residents and to take steps to improve the services it provides and its internal processes.

Any themes or trends will be assessed by senior management to identify any systemic issues, serious risks or areas for improvement for appropriate action.

The Council will proactively use learning from complaints to revise policies and procedures, to train employees and contractors and to improve communication and record-keeping.

The Council recognises the impact that being complained about can have on future service delivery and will ensure that employees are supported and engaged in the complaints process including the learning that can be gained.