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What kind of financial support will I get?



Fostering Fee

Our foster carers receive two types of payments: A fostering allowance each week for each child cared for and a payment for skills (fostering fee).

Payment for skills

Payment for skills was developed to meet the many needs of children in care in Gateshead. It recognises the need for a skilled workforce of foster carers and the fact that carers should be rewarded for the very important work they do. Weekly payment range from £100 to £440 per child, depending on skills, knowledge, experience and the type of placement offered.

There are four levels of payments, which carers can move up or down, depending on the carer's skills and commitments. Levels three and four demand more specific skills to be able to deal with more complex and challenging children. We can talk about which level you would be best suited to. Most of our carers are level one and two but we do have carers on levels three and four.

Payment for skills offers foster carers the opportunity of career progression. You can talk to us about progressing your career in fostering.

Child allowance

Carers receive a fostering allowance each week for each child cared for, the amounts are detailed below. This money is to be spent on food, clothing, transport, personal and household costs.

Payment for skillsAllowance per child per week
0-4 years£141.00
5-10 years£156.00
11-15 years£192.59
16+ years£234.61
Staying Put£226.82
Payment for skillsAllowance per child per week
Level 1£103.10
Level 2£226.82
Level 3£309.30
Level 4£453.64

Other payments to foster carers include:

  • extra payments for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or religious festivals as well as school summer holiday payment.
  • special holiday payment for children
  • initial clothing grant
  • school uniform and kit for physical education (items that can only be purchased through the child's school)
  • car mileage or bus fares specifically for school, contact visits, doctors or similar engagements. Foster carers are expected to use part of the child allowance payment for normal social transport.

Tax and National Insurance

As a foster carer, you may have questions about what tax and National Insurance you need to pay. HMRC offer a tax for foster carers online course on to guide you through everything you need to know. There are useful tips and practical case studies that you can do at your own pace.

Your story starts here

The first step to becoming a Foster Carer in Gateshead is to fill out our fostering enquiry form. A member of the fostering team will then contact you to gather some further details.

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