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Ticket machine faults

If a ticket machine is out of order and there are other machines in the car park, you must buy a ticket from an alternative machine. 

If there is only one ticket machine in the car park and it is out of order, leave a note on the dashboard or windscreen giving as much information as possible to the Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) including the time and date. A Penalty Charge Notice may be issued on such occasions and the machine will be checked.

If the machine is found to be faulty at the time the Penalty Charge Notice was issued, it is likely to be withdrawn.

Report a fault

It helps if you can give the location of the machine and its reference number. The reference number is on the machine, below the display.

We keep a list of calls and emails about out-of-order ticket machines. In situations where our inspections indicate that there is no 'actual' fault with the ticket machine, we may consider cancelling a Penalty Charge Notice if we have a record that you reported the fault.

Contact us to report a fault on a ticket machine in one of our car parks. 

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