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Health for young people

It's a good idea to start developing a positive attitude to health when you are young, and you should be aware of all of the risks to your physical and mental health - and the things you can do to minimise those risks.

Looking after your mind and your body is important whatever age you are, and understanding how and when to make the right choices will help you stay healthy now and long into the future.

For example, how much do you know about the harmful effects of smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs? Have you been given information on relationships, sex and sexuality, STDs, C-card, pregnancy, and contraception? Do you know how to recognise the signs of anxiety or depression, and how they can lead to self harming, for example? And do you know why a healthy diet and lots of exercise are important to your health?

If you're not already clued up, then finding out the answers to these questions could really make a big difference to your health - now and in the future!

Where to start?

Support in Gateshead

  • Gateshead Sexual Health - STI screening, emergency contraception, pregnancy options advice, psychosexual counselling and online booking system for clinics.

More help from your GP

If you are worried about your own health, or want advice on a specific health issue such as pregnancy or emergency contraception, you can make an appointment with your local GP.

Your GP will ask you lots of questions and may either prescribe a treatment directly or refer you to another health service who will be able to help you.

If you're not sure who your local GP is or where they're based, you can search the NHS website to find the closest one to you. 

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