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Alcohol and drugs

Drugs and alcohol can have a major impact on the health and lives of people who use them, as well as on their family, friends, work colleagues and the community as a whole.

While drinking some alcohol responsibly is generally considered to be fine, excessive use and binge drinking are responsible for a growing number of health related problems in the UK.

Using drugs, such as cannabis, crack, heroin and cocaine is illegal and can also cause serious health and social issues. What's more, anyone selling drugs can receive a criminal record and in some cases a prison sentence.

Ultimately, both drug and alcohol abuse can cause mental health problems, long and short term issues with physical health, financial difficulties and friction in all types of relationships.

Do you drink too much?

If you're worried that you drink too much alcohol, this unit calculator can help you build a clearer picture of the effects of your drinking. 

Where to start?

Support in Gateshead

More help from your GP

If you have concerns about alcohol or drug misuse, you can discuss these in detail with your local GP.

He or she will assess the severity and nature of your problem and either offer you an appropriate treatment directly, or refer you to a specialist service.

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