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Digital sessions for children


Digital devices feature in the lives of children from a very young age. Our libraries provide opportunities for children to gain positive digital skills.

We run regular drop-in sessions at our libraries which are suitable for children up to 5 years old.

The sessions we run include:

Code-a-pillar storytime

Interactive play with electronic toys, to show babies and toddlers cause and effect. For example, by pressing buttons music will play or lights will flash.


Learning to operate simple, programmable, friendly floor robots. Bee-bots delight and engage children with sounds and flashing lights. Their activities teach sequencing, estimation and problem solving.

To find out more

Look out for sessions advertised in our libraries. Contact us if you would like to find out when our next session is running. Email libraries@gateshead.gov.uk.


We deliver sessions to students and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions for teachers. CPD workshops help improve delivery of engaging cross-curricular computer programming lessons.

Early Years and Key Stage 1

Code-a-pillar storytime and Bee-bots (see above)

Animation sessions (see below)

Key Stage 2

Simple coding

Raspberry Pi and Microbits are hand-held programmable computers. They bring technology to life and develop understanding of programming skills and terminology.

Students can:

  • compose and play music with Sonic Pi
  • master inputs and outputs, for example lighting LEDs and running motors
  • learn Minecraft hacks, for example simple coding to control characters
  • code Microbits to make compasses, pedometers, scrolling messages and music
  • combine Microbits coding with simple circuits and cardboard models to create tabletop games
  • use Microbits to create more complex electronic projects, for example watering house plants

Simple circuitry and coding

Makey Makey teaches coding and circuitry by turning everyday objects into touch pads.

Sessions cover:

  • an introduction to conductivity and coding
  • cross-curriculum projects combining coding, poetry, circuits and art
  • combining coding, cardboard modelling and circuits to create games such as Operation

Green screen and animation workshops

Using apps to encourage planning and creative skills, bringing the curriculum to life.

Sessions cover:

  • combining photos and video from a camera roll with live images
  • story telling and presentations against topical backdrops using iPad chroma technology
  • animation and stop-motion animation (suitable for complete beginners)

Please enquire for prices.

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