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Pay Policy Statement 2024-25


This document sets out Gateshead Council's pay policy in relation to the remuneration of its staff in accordance with section 38(1) of the Localism Act 2011. The policy reflects the Council's consideration of the Guidance issued by the former Department for Communities and Local Government under Section 40 of the Act and is subject to review and changes approved by the Council. The policy will be published on the Council's website as soon as reasonably practicable after approval or amendment.  

The key principles of the Council's pay policy are set out below and are effective from 1 April 2024. The policy includes commentary upon: 

  • The general principles that underpin the Council's approach to its pay policy; 
  • Definitions of the 'lowest paid employees' and 'chief officers' for the purposes of pay comparison; 
  • The relationship between the remuneration of chief officers, average pay, and the remuneration of the lowest paid employees; and 
  • The re-employment of former employees who left the Council with enhanced retirement and redundancy benefits. 

The policy also includes discretion for the Strategic Director, Corporate Services & Governance, in the interpretation and application of nationally agreed terms and conditions of employment to Gateshead Council employees.  

The arrangements set out within this document do not extend to those members of staff who are employed within schools, which are matters for the schools' discretion. 

The salaries quoted in the pay policy reflect the current NJC Green Book Pay Award which was implemented with effect from 1 April 2023. The Council's current pay scale is shown at Annexe 1- Pay Award pending to be implemented from 1 April 2024.