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The public consultation on the warding arrangements of Gateshead Council's boundaries started on 22 August and will run until 30 October.
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Voting if you have a disability

Register to Vote

Accessing the Polling Station

In the Polling Station

Other Methods of Voting

We are keen to encourage people with disabilities to use their vote. The Electoral Commission and Mencap's website give some useful information about voting including easy to read guides. If you wish to read more, please visit:

Information from the Electoral Commission:

Electoral commissions information on accessibility on polling day

Step by Step voting guide PDF

Information from Mencap:

Mencap Easy read guide to voting

Mencap 'all about voting' guide PDF

Registering to Vote

You can apply to register to vote online, visit Gov register to vote.

You will need to give your Date of Birth and National Insurance number. This easy read step by step guide tells you how to do this.

If you are partially sighted or visually impaired there is a large print apply to register to vote form available to download from the Electoral Commission website.

The Electoral Commission has also published guides with information on how to register and how to apply for a postal or proxy vote in British Sign Language (BSL), Easy read and audio.

If you need help with registering to vote, please contact the elections team on 0191 433 3963 or visit Elections and voting - Gateshead Council.

Accessing the Polling Station

  • most polling stations which have a car park, have a disabled car parking space close to the access door
  • all polling stations will have an accessible entrance. If the accessible entrance is through an alternative to the main door, it will be sign-posted
  • if you need more information about access at a particular polling station, please call the election team on 0191 433 3963 or email electoralregistration@gateshead.gov.uk

In the Polling Station

  • there is a low-level disabled polling booth available which is suitable for wheelchair users or, voters who need to sit while casting their vote
  • chairs are available for people waiting to vote who need them
  • large print ballot papers are available for voters to view that can be used as a reference. Voters must still cast their vote on the official ballot paper that has been given to them by the polling station staff
  • there is an aid known as a 'tactile device' available which can be placed onto the ballot paper to allow blind or visually impaired voters to be able to vote without assistance
  • if you have a disability or inability that prevents you from completing a ballot paper on your own, or for any reason you need support to be able to vote, you can take a relative or friend to the polling station to assist you
  • the presiding officer at the polling station can help you fill in your ballot paper if you need their help
  • other voting aids such as pencil grips and magnifiers will also be available

Other Methods of Voting

If you don't want to go to the polling station or are not able to go in person you can vote by post or you can get someone to vote on your behalf - a proxy.

Postal vote

If you want to vote by post, you will need to apply by filling in a postal vote application form. You will need to give your date of birth and signature when you apply.

If you can't sign your postal vote or can't sign consistently for medical reasons a signature waiver is available. Please call the election team on 0191 433 3963 for more information.

At election time your postal ballot pack will be sent to your address about 2 weeks before the election.

Proxy vote

If you can't go to the polling station, you can ask someone you trust to go to your polling station to vote on your behalf. Voting by proxy for more information, please call the election team on 0191 433 3963

Visit how to vote - Gateshead Council for more information and to download the application forms.