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Financial assessments

Your Social Care team will carry out an assessment of needs. This is so they can decide whether they can support you with your care needs.

If your care assessment confirms you are eligible for social care support, we will offer you a financial assessment. This will allow us to calculate how much financial support we can provide for you.  

If you choose not to provide your financial details during the financial assessment, we will charge you for the full cost of the care and support that we provide.  

You may decide to arrange your own accommodation with a care home, without a social care assessment. In this case you may have to pay the full cost of your accommodation fees, especially if your cost is higher than our contracted rate.

You may feel you will need help with your costs in the near future. You can contact Adult Social Care who can carry out a needs assessment before you finalise your arrangements with your care home. We will then complete a financial assessment to see if we can pay towards the cost of your accommodation.

Financial information we need from you


We will ask for full details of your income. This includes any money you receive on a regular basis, such as:

  • pensions, including state, occupational, works or personal pensions
  • benefits, including Income Support, Attendance Allowance or Universal Credit
  • annuities  
  • rent from any properties you own  
  • paid employment


We will use the value of any money you have saved in accounts, including:

  • bank accounts
  • deposit accounts
  • current accounts
  • building societies
  • Post Office accounts  

Stocks and shares

We will use the current market value of any other investments you may have, including:

  • stock and shares
  • Premium Bonds  
  • any other assets you own

Property or land

We will include the capital value of any property or land you own in addition to your main or only home. If you jointly own the property or land, we will include your amount of interest in it as a capital asset. You can use the rental income from your additional property to pay towards your care.

Complete a financial assessment form

This financial assessment only applies to care arranged by Gateshead Council. 

You should only complete this form if you are waiting for a care assessment by the Adult Social Care team, or your care assessment is complete and you are eligible for support.

You must give full and accurate information. 

If you give false information or withhold details to avoid paying for services, you may be assessed to pay the full cost of your care and support (either in your own home or a care home). Following this, if you do not pay for your care, this may lead to a prosecution.

Complete a financial assessment form

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