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Other consents for planning permission

Apply for other types of consent by starting a planning application using the Planning Portal.

You will be asked what type of consent you are applying for at step two.

Apply for other types of consent

Non-material amendment

An application for a non-material amendment means there's no need to submit a new planning application if only a small change is needed. A non-material amendment, if approved, would form an amendment to the original planning permission. This would be subject to the conditions and time limit of the original permission. It would not form a new planning permission.

Whether a proposed amendment is considered to be non-material will depend on the circumstances of the case. We will use the following criteria to come to a decision as to whether it's an application for non-material amendments

  • if the proposed change is significant in terms of its scale, for example size or degree in relation to the original approval
  • if the proposed change would result in a detrimental impact either visually or in terms of amenity
  • if the interests of any third party or body who participated in or were informed of the original decision be disadvantaged in any way

Proposals that do not comply with the above criteria are unlikely to be treated as a non-material amendment and are therefore likely to need new planning permission.

Find out more at flexible options for planning permissions. (opens new window)

Listed building consent

You may need listed building consent as well as planning permission. Any work that would affect the character or setting of a Listed Building needs Listed Building Consent before work takes place. This may include most internal and external work. 

Guidance notes (opens new window) 

Lawful development

We will issue Lawful Development certificates if we are satisfied that an existing or proposed development is lawful. This would include works that are permitted development, or uses that have become lawful due to their long-term existence.

Guidance notes (opens new window)

Change of use

Change of use is usually needed to change the use of a property or area of land to another use set out in the Use Classes Order, for example changing an area of open space to a garden. If you have any doubt about whether your change of use requires planning permission you may wish to get

Guidance notes (opens new window)

Advertisement consent

Many signs can be displayed without express consent. We do have powers to control the most prominent outdoor advertisements under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007. (opens new window) Consent will not be needed if the advert is allowed for in the Advert Regulations.

Get pre-application advice if you're not sure whether your proposed signage needs advertisement consent. 

Guidance notes (opens new window)

You can apply online or download the application forms for each of these from the Planning Portal. (opens new window)

Visit the Planning Portal for further information on:

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