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Discharging planning conditions

If you have conditions attached to your planning permission you might need to supply further details. This additional information must be submitted to us for formal approval. This is known as 'discharge of conditions'.

It's the responsibility of the applicant (or developer), to ensure that the requirements of all conditions are met in full. The conditions will outline specific points in your development when details should be submitted to us for approval. 

For example:

  • You must comply with some conditions before development starts.
  • Others regulate how the work is undertaken or actions needed before a building is occupied or used.

You should allow plenty of time for your submissions be considered and approved (discharged) by us. We aim to give a response on all discharge of condition requests within eight weeks and no later than 12 weeks. 

How to apply

If you are ready to apply, we recommend that you use the Planning Portal. This option can save on time, printing and postal costs. 

Or, you can send electronic copies of the application documents to

If you would still prefer to apply by post you can print the relevant forms from the Planning Portal and post to:

Development Management, 
Civic Centre, 
Regent Street, 

Make sure you submit enough information for us to consider your request. 

Before a formal application please first ensure you have read and checked the guidance note associated with the application form. 

If you do not understand any of the planning conditions please contact the planning case officer for your case.

Timescales and decision

  • Our formal decision will be stated on a decision notice/letter normally within eight weeks of submission
  • The decision notice/letter will list the approved documents (if applicable)
  • The decision notice/letter will explain why the application was refused (if applicable)
  • A copy of the decision notice will be emailed to the applicant


We do monitor sites to check compliance. If you start work on site or carry on with works without first discharging relevant conditions, we may not be able to formally discharge them - this may result in development delays or other difficulties.

Attached to your planning permission is a start notice form. Complete the form and return to the compliance officer at

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