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Equipment to make your home more suitable

Adaptations are changes made to your home to make it easier, if you are disabled or an older person, to live independently in your own home. There are two types of adaptations; minor and major.

Minor adaptations are fixed alterations that cost less than £1,000 and include:

  • grab rails
  • hand rails
  • door-entry systems
  • alterations to steps
  • widening of a door or path

Major adaptations are alterations that normally cost more than £1,000, and include:

  • ramps
  • stairlifts
  • vertical lift
  • shower over a bath
  • level-access shower
  • ceiling track hoist

Major adaptations can include internal and external changes to the layout of a property. It is only in very exceptional circumstances that a property will be extended. There will also be some situations where it will be appropriate to explore the option of alternative accommodation.

If you're eligible, an assessment of your needs for adult social care will be carried out to see if you qualify for the service, which will include details of cost. An assessing officer or the Occupational Therapy Team will then get in touch.

Help with adaptations to the home are available for people who have a serious disability which causes them to be permanently and substantially disabled, whether they are a council tenant or living in private accommodation.


Contact Adult Social Care

There are many ways to contact the adult social care team, both online and over the phone.

We encourage people who can contact us online to do so, as it helps to free up phone lines for emergencies or for those who don't have access to or the skills to use computers.

Contact Adult Social Care

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