Adult Social Care Direct

Adult Social Care Direct is the main contact point if you want to talk about any care needs you may have.

Our staff will listen to you carefully and will ask questions about the difficulties that you, your relative or friend are having. At this point our staff will explain what options are available to you.

These may include:

  • Free services provided by the council, such as leisure, libraries and arts.
  • Telling you about other organisations that can help such as the NHS, Department of Work and Pensions, the Citizen's Advice Bureau and free services provided by charities and the voluntary sector.
  • Offering information that can resolve your issue quickly.
  • Arranging for a member of the social care assessment team to visit you that day if you need help urgently or where there is serious risk.
  • If you don't need help straight away, with your agreement, we will refer you to a community team to organise a full assessment of your needs.

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For further information about adult social care in Gateshead contact
Adult Social Care Direct 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
0191 433 7033
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