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Local Code of Governance

Local Code of Governance

The Local Code of Governance has been developed from a framework document produced by CIPFA.

The code defines how the Council complies with the principles of good governance laid down by the Independent Commission on Good Governance in Public Services and forms an integral part of the Council's Annual Governance Statement, which is a legal requirement to demonstrate the level of assurance that can be given by the Council's control systems and governance arrangements.

The Code is essentially based on the Council's existing constitution, protocols and procedures but is updated to include changes to documents and procedures in the previous year.  

The framework is intended to assist local authorities, and associated organisations and vehicles through which authorities now work, in reviewing the effectiveness of their own governance arrangements by reference to best practice and using self-assessment. The principles of good governance in the framework are:

  • Behaving with integrity
  • Ensuring openness and comprehensive engagement
  • Defining sustainable outcomes
  • Determining interventions
  • Developing capacity
  • Managing risks and performance
  • Implementing good practice in transparency


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