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Whistleblowing Policy - arrangements for the public

We are committed to the highest possible standards of openness, honesty, integrity and accountability.

As part of this commitment we are keen that activity which falls below these standards is reported to us so we can deal with it promptly. We acknowledge that members of the public are often the first to realise that there may be something seriously wrong regarding our activities (whether carried out by us or by someone else on our behalf). 

Concerns could include unlawful conduct, financial malpractice or dangers to the public, including our service recipients, or the environment.

How to raise a concern

Use the  Whistleblowing Policy: arrangements for the public (PDF) [90KB] (opens new window)  to raise concerns at an early stage and in the right way. This is specifically for:

  • members of the public
  • councillors
  • other local authorities
  • consultants
  • contractors
  • customers
  • partners
  • providers
  • recipients
  • suppliers

If something is troubling you, which you think we should know about or look into, don't ignore the concern, put it in writing to either the Monitoring Officer or Chief Internal Auditor at:

Gateshead Council
Civic Centre
Regent Street

Provide details setting out the background and history of the concern, give names, dates and places where possible and the reason why you are concerned about the situation.

Anonymity and confidentiality

Anonymous concerns are difficult for us to investigate. They are less powerful and less likely to be effective but we will consider them. We would encourage you to include your name and contact details. You can request confidentiality. We will do our best to protect your identity. We will not disclose your details unless we are required by law to do so.


Your concern may be:

  • investigated internally
  • referred to the police
  • referred to our external auditor.

We will acknowledge your concern within 10 working days of receiving it informing you of how we propose to deal with it. Further information may be needed from you.

We will take steps to minimise any difficulties you may experience as a result of you raising the concern.

Whistleblowing concerns will be recorded by the Monitoring Officer including details about the:

  • areas of business that have been affected
  • summary of action taken
  • outcome
  • follow up and feedback.