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Poisons licence

The retailing of poisons is controlled by the Poisons Act 1972. The Poisons List Order contains a list of poisons covered by the Poisons Act.

The Active Ingredients approved for use in the UK and included in the product searches are specified under Parts I and II of the Poisons List, as follows.

Part I - sale restricted to registered retail pharmacists

  • aluminium phosphide
  • methyl bromide
  • chloropicrin
  • sodium cyanide
  • magnesium phosphide
  • strychnine

Part II - sale restricted to registered retail pharmacists and listed sellers registered with local authority

  • aldicarb;
  • endosulfan;
  • paraquat (d);
  • alphachloralose;
  • fentin acetate;
  • phorate (a);
  • ammonium bifluoride;
  • fentin hydroxide;
  • sodium fluoride, carbofuran (a);
  • formaldehyde;
  • sulphuric acid;
  • chlorfenvinphos (a,b);
  • mephosfolan;
  • thiometon;
  • demeton-s-methyl;
  • methomyl (f);
  • triazaphos (a);
  • dichlorvos (a,e);
  • nicotine (c);
  • zinc phosphide;
  • disulfuton (a);
  • oxamyl (a).


  1. Granular formulations which do not contain more than 12% w/w of this, or a combination of similarly flagged poisons, are exempt;
  2. Treatments on seeds are exempt;
  3. Formulations containing not more than 7.5% of nicotine are exempt;
  4. Pellets containing not more than 5% paraquat ion are exempt;
  5. Preparations in aerosol dispensers containing not more than 1% w/w active ingredient are exempt. Materials impregnated with dichlorvos for slow release are exempt;
  6. Solid substances containing not more than 1% w/w ai are exempt.

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