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Gateshead residential design code SPD

Where people live has a major effect on their lives. The quality of life that individuals enjoy can be directly related to the quality of place they live in.

In recent decades the process of mass housing construction has led to increasingly bland and standardised solutions. Like many other cities and towns across the UK Gateshead's housing stock is a reflection of national trends and architectural style that dominate a period and a history of mass housing found throughout England. However in recent years Gateshead has gained a strong reputation for delivering bespoke design housing solutions set within attractive neighbourhoods.  

Our emerging plan for Gateshead seeks to promote sustainable neighbourhoods and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live in a high quality, well designed home in sustainable, inclusive and mixed communities.

'Making it Happen' (SPD) provides generic design guidance for all housing sites proposing 10 or more units. It will play a significant role in achieving the above. The document provides developers with guidance and information on how to put their ideas into practice and sets out key design considerations which should be addressed when preparing  development proposals. It expands on the policies contained in the Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan. This consultation provides you with the opportunity to comments and make suggestions in relation to the document. 

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