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Demolition notices

Everyone intending to demolish a building or structure (over 50m3 or 1750 cu ft in volume) must give notice of that intention to the Council.

The demolition may not start until the council's building control surveyor has inspected the proposed demolition site, checked the demolition contractor's method statement and arranged for the neighbouring owner and occupiers of nearby premises to be informed.

How to apply

Please complete the Icon for pdf application to submit a notice of demolition work [648.98KB].

In April 2013 we introduced a charge of £200 to deal with demolition notices to cover the actual costs we incur in administrating the notice including:

  • A site inspection , this may be carried out in conjunction with other interested parties
  • Consultation
  • Checking the site against the submitted information
  • Possibly requesting any additional information which may be deemed necessary to determine the notice 
  • Liaison with all interested bodies as per Section 2 of the Section 80 notice
  • Counter serving the section 81 notice 

What happens next

The applicant will also be advised of the likely action necessary to ensure that the works are done in a safe manner and to ensure that the site is left in a safe and reasonable condition (and that the debris is safely removed).

Depending on the outcome of the building surveyors inspection, the council will determine what follow up action is required, ranging from further regular inspections, to carrying out works in default.

The council can order the owner(s) to 'make safe' or remove any debris / danger and to seal/remove any discontinued drains or sewers. The council can reclaim all its costs from the building's owner(s).

Note. Advance notice of the commencement of all demolition work must also be given (in writing) to the regional office of the Health and Safety Executive, under the Construction Design and Management " CDM " Regulations, made under the Health and Safety at Works etc act 1974.

(Building Act 1984 - Sections 80, 81 & 82.)

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