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Interring cremated remains in a grave

Arrangements can be made to have ashes interred in a grave in a cemetery.

Cremated remains sections are available in BlaydonHookergateGarden HouseSaltwellBirtley, and Heworth Burn cemeteries.

Ashes may be buried in full graves. New graves would need to be purchased in advance of the burial. If there is an existing used grave and space is available, ashes can be buried here without the need to have purchased the grave beforehand.

The cremated remains grave spaces are smaller than full graves, but can hold up to four individual caskets of ashes.

Information regarding memorials is available from the Bereavement Services office.

To enable ashes to be buried (interred):

  • you must have the cremated remains in a wooden or biodegradable casket, which bears a name-plate and date of death of the deceased.

  • the cremation certificate must be produced when the cremation took place outside of the Gateshead Borough. This would have been given to you with the ashes after the cremation. This is not needed for any cremations that have taken place at Saltwell or Birtley Crematorium.

  • the Bereavement Services office needs to be contacted to arrange to book in a date and time for the interment to take place. At least 48 hours' notice of the proposed date and time of the burial is required.

  • the 'notice of 'interment' form must be completed and signed by the person applying to have the ashes interred and returned to the Bereavement Services office, together with the appropriate payment, no later than 12noon two working days before the burial. 

  • if the deeds to the grave have been purchased, the grave owner or his/her representative must be the person responsible for doing this.

  • the fees for the interment must be paid before 12noon two days prior to the proposed burial.

  • deeds have to be brought to the Bereavement Services office, with the notice of interment, in order to be updated.

  • should the deeds be misplaced or lost, please contact the Bereavement Services office to discuss.

  • on the day of the burial you will be met by the cemetery operative who will show you to the graveside and carry out the interment. Should you decide to purchase the deeds to the grave, information can be obtained from our buying a grave page or from the Bereavement Services office.

  • please note that all of the details relating to a burial and a grave must be confirmed as correct by the Bereavement Services office before any interment of cremated remains can be carried out.


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