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Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Create and develop sustainable places and communities

Our health and wellbeing is influenced by where we live and the communities and homes we live in. Our understanding of the impact of climate change, air pollution, housing and active forms of travel, is improving rapidly. The environment, 'our place', is a major determinant of health, thought to account for almost 20% of all deaths in Europe. Using place-shaping approaches, our vision is that by 2030 Gateshead will be a more prosperous, attractive and sustainable place to live with improved quality of life and thriving communities.

The action we will take

We will:

  • develop policies, with health impact assessment embedded, to reduce the scale and impact of climate change and health inequalities
  • support the development of quality community activities, prioritising neighbourhoods with greatest need, remove barriers to community participation and support people to be involved locally
  • promote community cohesion and the prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour
  • ensure all communities are able to access and benefit from the natural environment
  • actively support measures that deliver clean air and environmental improvements, including energy efficiency
  • ensure provision of homes at the right number, type, quality and affordability, and choice of tenure, to meets the current and future needs of all residents
  • make Gateshead accessible to all, achieving a shift to sustainable forms of travel

We will deliver this through:

  • Gateshead's Local Plan
  • Gateshead Community Safety Partnership
  • Economic, Housing and Procurement Strategies
  • North East Joint Transport Plan
  • The Gateshead Housing Company
  • Local VCSE organisations and Connected Voice

We know we will have made a difference when:

  • local communities and social networks are strong
  • social connections are improved for groups in need
  • all residents have access to a high quality, affordable, warm and energy efficient home
  • all communities have access to good quality natural environment
  • Gateshead has clean air with low levels of pollution
  • Gateshead has low levels of crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Gateshead is carbon neutral by 2030