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Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Create the conditions for fair employment and good work for all

Being in good quality work is good for health and wellbeing.

We know that good quality employment is critical for people's health and wellbeing. The core attributes for good work to support a healthy life, are defined by the Health Foundation as; pay fairly and offer lasting security, ensure good working conditions, enable a good work life balance, and finally provide training and opportunities to progress.

We want to create the conditions for high quality employment for every Gateshead resident.

The action we will take

We will:

  • help to create the conditions for local wealth and economic growth across Gateshead
  • encourage local enterprise through self-employment and develop community-led, cooperative employment opportunities
  • support sustainable, diverse and flexible opportunities for employment, innovation and growth
  • encourage volunteering and social action as a positive pathway to work
  • encourage employers to create or adapt jobs, with flexible working patterns, that enable people to balance employment with personal commitments that support their wellbeing
  • support employers to effectively promote physical and mental health and wellbeing at work
  • support our local public sector to provide apprenticeships and employment
  • review current ways of supporting people into employment, with consideration of those with different needs, who may be disadvantaged in the labour market

We will deliver this through:

  • Gateshead's Local Plan
  • Culture Strategy
  • North East Joint Transport Plan
  • Gateshead Goes Local, Community-Led Local Development
  • Community Wealth Building
  • North East Strategic Economic Plan
  • Local VCSE organisations and Connected Voice
  • Procurement Strategy

We will know we have made a difference when:

  • all working age residents have access to good quality, sustainable work with decent pay and conditions
  • all people in low paid, low skilled jobs have opportunities to improve their skills base so they can more easily achieve personal progression and attain an improved standard of living