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Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Our methodology

We aim to deliver the most positive outcomes for everyone, but we will focus our resources to benefit those in the most need - this will mean doing different things in different places.

We know we need to do more to address inequalities so we will prioritise the use of our collective resources to those communities in Gateshead that need us most. This is very different to how we have previously allocated resources based on equality (everyone getting the same).

Gateshead Equality

Delivering on the identified aims require action across a much broader range of partners, strategies and structures. We recognise that there are already active workstreams which aim to address many of the actions required. This strategy will not replace existing work but instead acknowledge, connect, streamline and enhance current activity, within and between our partners and our communities. Each aim identifies the current ways in which actions are being delivered.

We recognise that many of the outcomes we aspire to deliver are enormously ambitious. However, we feel passionately that all Gateshead residents deserve to live in conditions that facilitate good health and wellbeing.