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Safeguarding Adults Undertaking Enquiries (Professionals Level 3)

Course details

Aim: To give a comprehensive overview of the Care Act safeguarding duties for multi-agency professionals when undertaking safeguarding enquiries.

Dates: Thursday 26 June 2024, Wednesday 22 January 2025

Time: 9.30am to 12.30pm

Venue: Gateshead Council's Learning Centre

Facilitators: Multi Agency trainers

Booking: via Learning Hub

Course objectives

  • Describe our professional duties in safeguarding adults at risk and clarify the legal frameworks
  • Detail our local agreements Discuss practical responsibilities in undertaking enquiries
  • Apply this knowledge to your role in order to fulfil your responsibilities

Suitable for

  • Bournemouth University Framework: People identified in Group B2 - D
  • Intercollegiate Framework level 3
  • Staff and Mangers who have responsibilities for undertaking safeguarding enquiries and training staff

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