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Meet your MYP

Congratulations to Maebh Carey, 17, for becoming the successful candidate in the 2024 Member for Youth Parliament elections.

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Maebh Carey

Before being a member of Gateshead Youth Assembly, I thought that students couldn't use their voice in politics until they were 18. Now knowing this isn't true, but also realising how hopeless other students feel about the future, it's clear that Gateshead needs modern education and political systems, that reflect what young people want and need.

I would work to give all schools in Gateshead education about how government and voting and show them the organisations they can work with to have their say. On top top of this, I would work with Youth Parliament's Votes at 16 campaign as, especially relating to climate change and mental health, young people should have the right to control their own future and offer an insight that older politicians can't.

We also need improved funding for arts, humanities, and language departments in schools, so students can receive a good education across the curriculum and get the skills to work in creative fields. Finally, I believe that the standard of RSE in schools needs to be improved, so young people are safe, informed, and most importantly aren't scared of these important issues. In particular I would work with Youth Parliament to try and create an unbiased, NHS-made RSE curriculum that is diverse, medically factual and compassionate, and seek to have all schools in Gateshead follow an unbiased curriculum.

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