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Meet your MYP

Congratulations to Ibrahim Al-Hafidh for becoming the successful candidate in the 2022 Member for Youth Parliament elections.

Find out more about Ibrahim below.

Ibrahim Al-Hafidh
Ibrahim Al-Hafidh

Age: 12

Whickham School

I attend Whickham School. I am 12 years old, but I am ambitious and determined. I like to read, and document any new or interesting extra information down, and I also watch videos on medicine. I also like to play the piano, and I study mathematics, religion, history, biology and politics. I will communicate young people's ideas on behalf of the Gateshead constituency to make sure there is a change for the greater good. I have demonstrated in various cases that I can be a good leader, which is an important part in being an MYP.

I am able to work with others and settle a matter over investigations. I feel that it is important that we, as young people, should be heard and seen in decisions that affect them, even if they can't vote. I understand the commitment required to be involved and I am ready to 'join the party', as Scott Mann said before he became MP for North Cornwall. I have some experience in law and politics, so I understand the things that go on in the real Parliament, which will hopefully help me understand what goes on in the Youth Parliament. I am a confident speaker, a good listener and a fluid articulate debater.

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