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Members of Youth Parliament (MYP)

Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) are elected annually in every part of the UK. There are currently hundreds of MYPs.

Once elected MYPs meet with MPs and local councillors, organise events, run campaigns, make speeches, hold debates and ensure the views of young people are listened to by decision makers.

The most important aspect of any MYP's job is to make sure they represent the views of the young people in their constituency. Any MYP can set up a campaign, and any young person can support it and make a difference.

The Role of all MYPs

During their term of office, MYPs work with their MPs, decision makers, councillors and local youth groups on the issues of greatest concern to their constituents.

Nationally, the views of young people are represented in the UKYP manifesto, which contains statements on the issues MYPs think are most important.

MYPs across the UK work to give young people a voice - listening to marginalised groups, organising events, making films, meeting MPs, lobbying for change, organising campaigns and appearing in the media, all to amplify the views of their peers.

The role of the MYP is increasingly being recognised at a local and national level. Some local authorities have given their MYPs equal status to their MPs, and UKYP works hard to enable MYPs to meet regularly with Government Ministers, Members of the Opposition and civil servants.

UKYP also works to promote the role and influence of MYPs to service providers, for example, the transport industry and health services.

The role of a Member of Youth Parliament for Gateshead

The Members of Youth Parliament for Gateshead must ensure they fulfil the role they were elected for. 

The role of a Gateshead MYP includes:

  • talking and engaging with constituents (the young people of Gateshead) to ask for their views on priorities for the area
  • making sure any issued raised by constituents are listened to and shared when and where needed
  • attending meetings, such as the Annual Sitting, that all MYPs are invited to as representatives of their local area and as a voice for young people within local government

Representatives for Gateshead will receive full support from our Children's Rights and Engagement Team.

Find out more about the role of an MYP by visiting the UK Youth Parliament website (opens new window).