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Gateshead Archive COVID-19 Collection

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Gateshead Archive recognises how important it is to capture a record of the Covid-19 pandemic in our borough. 

We want to collect and preserve materials about the pandemic's effect on the Gateshead Borough. We are interested in materials that show how people experienced the lockdown especially relating to changes to daily life and the ways the pandemic has impacted our work, social activity and leisure-time. 

What kinds of material is Gateshead Archive collecting?

Examples of materials include photographs, local posters, leaflets, newspaper or magazine cuttings, audio recordings and videos. We are looking for material that illustrates the impact of Covid-19 on your life or Gateshead more broadly. 

Please only submit photographs, audio and video for which you are the owner or creator and can therefore give permission to be added to the Archive's collections. We are happy to receive any printed material (posters, newspaper cuttings, leaflets etc.) regardless of origin. 

What will happen to material that you donate? 

Material that you donate will be securely stored by the Archive at Gateshead Central Library and maintained over time. The aim is to make this material available to Archive users researching this period of history, though this will not happen immediately as staff will need to catalogue and store material appropriately and this will take some time. 

To enquire about depositing digital materials with the Archive or to ask any other questions about the Covid archive please contact