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Climate change in Gateshead

Climate change caused by increasing carbon emissions is a global problem.

If urgent action to drastically reduce carbon emissions is not taken in the next 10 years, the damage done cannot be reversed.

The problem can be fixed. We have the technologies and resources to change the course we are on. But we need a fundamental rethink of how we all impact our planet and how sustainable that is for future generations.

Everyone has a part to play and, by working together in Gateshead, we can make a difference - helping improve our environment, health and wellbeing.

Latest news

View our latest articles on climate change and actions we're taking to achieve a Zero Carbon Gateshead.

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Climate Strategy 2022

View the Gateshead Climate Strategy 2022

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Image of What Gateshead Council is doing

What Gateshead Council is doing

We aim to make all Council activities carbon neutral by 2030, see how we plan to do it and what else we're doing to tackle climate change.

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Image of What you can do

What you can do

Find out what your carbon footprint is and how to reduce it. Small changes like unplugging your electronics or making sure you recycle properly can make a difference.

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Sign the climate pledge

Whether you're a business or a resident, you can pledge to help us be carbon neutral by 2030.

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How Gateshead people are tackling climate change

People and businesses across Gateshead are making changes to the ways they live and work to tackle climate change. Read more about what they're doing and why.

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Get involved

Want to play a larger part in Zero Carbon Gateshead? Find out how you can get involved to help Gateshead reduce its emissions.

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