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Flood risk, SuDS and drainage

We can provide the following information to inform and supplement any flood risk/drainage assessment, regardless of the size or nature of the development:

  • a review of surface water drainage constraints from national mapping
  • a review of site-specific flood risk issues
  • a summary of any historic flood incidents that have occurred on the site or within the related locality
  • a review of flood related assets that are within the related locality
  • a statement of any flood related issues you should consider further
  • advice on the type and nature of surface water drainage that could be designed into the relevant development
  • information about flood risk consenting that may be required for your proposed development
  • a review of assessments and drainage strategies prior to formal submission

For minor developments, we charge £220. 

For major developments, we charge £495.

These costs are inclusive of VAT. Please be aware this cost is to cover the time taken to investigate the area in question and to prepare a full written response. Where no historic flooding information is available, or where there is no risk identified on the site, this charge will still apply.

For more information or to get a quote call 0191 433 3450 or email