Information on buying or letting a property from Gateshead Council

How do I find out if the Council has property for sale or to let?

If for  you are interested in a specific property that is Council owned that is not listed, please email with your enquiry.

How do I make further enquiries or view a property listed on your website?

Select the property you wish to view on the property homepage. In the applications / viewing section you will see contact details for the relevant case officer and you contact them directly to submit an enquiry or arrange an appointment.

How do I submit an offer for a Council property that is for sale?

Properties are most often sold through sealed bids and an offer form should be submitted before the deadline specified in the particulars using the return label obtained from Property and Design (Valuation and Property Development).

How do I find out if land is owned by the Council?

The Council's Land Terrier section hold records of all land interests and can be contacted on 0191 433 3434.

How can I apply to buy Council owned land?

Apply in writing using the appropriate application form to Strategic Director, Property and Design, Development and Enterprise, Gateshead Council, Civic Centre, Regent Street, Gateshead, NE8 1HH.

Icon for pdf Application form - residential [6.74KB]

Icon for pdf Application form - commercial [6.79KB]

The Council charges a fee for this service in order to cover costs relating to consultations, land searches and administration. Details of the fees payable can be found on the application form.

Who do I contact about grazing licences?

For further information please contact Andrea Hudson on 0191 433 2971 or email

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