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Property accreditation

The property accreditation scheme gives recognition to private landlords who offer good quality private rented accommodation in Gateshead licensing areas. Some private landlords already provide and maintain good standards of accommodation, often above that required by law. The accreditation scheme seeks to recognise these landlords, as well as encourage and support others to achieve these higher standards, and contribute towards the wider improvements within the neighbourhoods.

Accredited properties benefit from a £100 discount (18%) off the cost of a landlord licence. For those properties already accredited £50 will be discounted at the time of application. For those properties that then maintain the accredited standard up until the conclusion of the licensing scheme, a further £50 will then be paid back to the licence holder.

For those proposed licence holders who wish to sign up to property accreditation, an inspection of the property will be arranged by a licensing officer.  The property will then be assessed against the accreditation code of standards (see guidance). Properties that meet the standard already will benefit from the £50 discount up front and £50 refund at scheme conclusion.   Where works or improvements are found to be required, the Licensing Officer will produce and supply a schedule of works and work with and advise on achieving the standard as effectively and economically as possible. The average amount of time permitted for completion of works (unless deemed to be a risk to a tenants health and safety) is three months. On completion of the works a revisit will be undertaken and the property then accredited. If the property then maintain the accredited standard up until the conclusion of the licensing scheme, £100 will be paid back to the licence holder (18% of the standard licence fee).

The accreditation standard is based upon the legal minimum housing standard and the provision of a well maintained and safe home. It is most certainly not a 5 star standard and is easily achievable by most landlords. Officers will endeavour to take a flexible approach if possible when administering the scheme.

Please refer to the Property accreditation guidance document (PDF) [81KB] for further details about the scheme or contact the Private Sector Housing Team if you have any queries.

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