Selective landlord licensing

We are experiencing a delay in the development of our online application portal. We hope to have applications online at the earliest opportunity. Paper licence applications will continue to be received for the redesignated and the Avenues Phase 1 scheme until the online portal is available.

Tenant vetting service
Information on our tenant vetting service for selective landlord licensing areas.
Apply for a selective landlord licence
See which areas in Gateshead which require selective landlord licensing and find out how to apply for a landlord licence.
Licence holder support
Information, help and advice for new and existing landlord licence holders.
Selective landlord licensing conditions
Conditions provide a framework for landlords to follow ensuring effective management of the property and tenancy.
About selective landlord licensing
Information on selective landlord licensing, its purpose, who it applies to and more.
Consultation and licensing scheme documents
Consultation documents, executive summary and more.
Selective landlord licensing areas
Areas in Gateshead which require selective landlord licensing and information on previous landlord licensing schemes.
Landlord accreditation and training
Information on landlord accreditation and training opportunities.
Property accreditation
Information on the property accreditation scheme.

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