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Complaints about high hedges

Hedges can add character but high hedges can also cause concerns to neighbours. You will need to provide evidence that you have tried to talk to your neighbour to resolve the issue before we can consider a complaint.

If it can't be resolved informally, complaints about high hedgerows will only be considered if

  • there's a line of two or more trees or shrubs
  • it's evergreen or semi-evergreen
  • the height is more than two metres above ground level, even if there are gaps in the foliage or between the trees, the hedge must still be capable of blocking daylight or views
  • it's growing on land owned by somebody other than the person making the complaint
  • it's the owner or the occupier of the property affected by the hedge making the complaint
  • the property affected by the hedge is residential
  • the problems are directly related to the height of the hedge
  • and have an impact on the complainant's home and garden

It will not be possible to consider complaints for

  • individual trees
  • deciduous hedges
  • an untidy appearance or litter dropped by a hedge
  • root damage or any other effect caused by roots
High hedge complaint fees
Per complaint£320
Per complaint - concessions (pensioner and those in receipt of benefits)£160

Send us a high hedge complaint

Information you provide to us should also be sent to the owner of the hedge.

Report a concern
How to pay

Credit and debit card call Development Management  0191 433 3150

Reception payment opening times:
Monday to Thursday 8.45am to 4.30pm
Friday 8.45am to 4pm
Cheque, cash or card at Communities and Environment Reception, Second Floor, Civic Centre, Gateshead, NE8 1HH.

Cheque payable to 'Gateshead Council', please put the site address on the back and post to: 

Development Management
Civic Centre
Regent Street

What will happen next

Once a valid complaint has been received, the hedge owner will be contacted. We will then visit both properties concerned to assess the complaint. This includes a calculation based upon the height of the hedge and the distance between it and the adjacent properties. 

Each case will be assessed on its own merits. The views of the hedge owner and the consequences for the amenity of the surrounding neighbourhood will be taken into account. A decision should be issued within eight weeks of the date of the site visit.

If the complaint is upheld, the hedge owner will be issued with a 'remedial notice' requiring them to cut the hedge down to a height specified by us. We cannot order that the hedge be removed entirely or be cut down to below two metres. Both the person making the complaint and the hedge owner have the right of appeal against the decision.

View further guidance about high hedges on the website. 

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