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Bus stops

Many people rely on public transport to get around, and it is important that they can get onto buses and off again safely.   Along with other local authorities in the area, the Council is changing the restrictions in many bus stops from single or double yellow lines to "bus stop clearways".  

Stopping and parking is never allowed at bus stops where there is a large yellow bay with a wide yellow clearway line marking throughout.  There will be a sign at the bus stop stating that stopping is not allowed at any time.

Picking up and dropping off passengers

Where you see a yellow bus bay road marking and a "No Stopping Except Buses" sign ONLY buses may stop there

There are no exceptions to this, other than emergency services vehicles dealing with incidents.   Any vehicle contravening these restrictions will be liable to receive an instant Penalty Charge Notice.

Blue Badge holders

Blue Badge Holders may not park in a bus stop.

What happens if I park here?

Any vehicle parked when restrictions are in place may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice. Because there are no permitted activities, no observation will be given and the Penalty Charge Notice will be issued immediately.

Find out more about buses on our public transport webpage.