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Advocacy (Children's Services)

Sometimes it's hard to express how you feel or to feel confident enough to talk to people about your concerns. This is where someone called an advocate can step in and help you. An advocate is a person who works for you and is trained to support you to get your views heard.

What will my advocate do?

  • Come and see you and listen to what is worrying you
  • Help you understand you rights
  • Find things out for you
  • Help you tell other people what you want or they can speak for you.
  • Support if you need to make a complaint

How can I get an advocate?

This service is for children and young people in contact with Children's Social Care Services.

You can ask your Social Worker / Children's Rights Officer on 0191 433 2647 / 07795 021 819 or  

If you ring between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday someone will contact you. If you ring in the evenings or at weekends you can leave a message and someone will contact you the next working day. Make sure you say your full name, your contact telephone number and that you want an advocate.

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