Youth Offending Team

Gateshead Youth Offending Team (YOT) works with young people aged 10 to 18 to prevent offending and re-offending.  We work jointly with our partners to deal effectively with the causes of offending, to improve outcomes for young people and help them live crime free lives, as well as meet specific needs such as substance misuse, restorative justice, parenting programmes and accommodation support. We are committed to protecting the public by balancing the needs of children and young people with the rights of victims and the wider community.

This multi-agency approach allows the YOT to be responsive to local needs, and work with the services and plans of other agencies in Gateshead to address youth crime. Our staff and volunteers are trained to deliver programmes and projects that reduce offending by directly confronting young people who offend with the underlying causes of crime. 

Out of court disposals and court orders
Information about Youth Courts
Reparation is a way for young people to payback for the harm that they have caused.
Victim's views
We work with victims of crime to ensure they are given a voice within the Criminal Justice System.

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