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Youth Justice Service volunteers

Who we are

Gateshead Youth Offending team is a multi-agency team. The principle aim of Gateshead Youth Offending Team is to prevent offending and reoffending by children and young people aged 10-18years. We work jointly with our partners to deal effectively with the causes of offending both pre and post court, to improve outcomes for young people and help them live crime free lives.

Why we need you

Young people between the age of 10 and 17 can be sentenced to a Referral Order by a Youth Court. Referral Orders can vary from 3 to 12 months. Gateshead Youth Offending team convene Community Panel members, consisting of one member from the Youth Offending Team and a minimum of two trained Referral Order Volunteers, the young person and parent/guardian. As a Panel Member you may be working directly with Victims of Crime to enable them to be given choices and choice within the criminal justice system.

This role requires a specific commitment to training and the availability to work flexibly (including evenings).  

What's in it for you

  • you will receive a comprehensive training package and ongoing training
  • have the chance to contribute positively to young people in the community
  • ongoing support
  • understanding of the criminal justice system
  • be part of a team
  • experience

One of our volunteers has given some feedback about this very rewarding volunteering work.

"Under current UK legislation every attempt is made to avoid a juvenile incurring a criminal record when a they have committed an offence. Under normal circumstances a juvenile will have been referred by either the police or the courts to the Gateshead Youth Justice Service. (YJS).

As a volunteer you are part of the decision-making process in making sure the appropriate action is taken to try and change the offenders ongoing behaviour. 

This process is not about punishment although reparation is part of the plan. When making a plan, a lot of information is considered, including type and seriousness of offence, victims views and family circumstances. The offender has to agree to fully participate in the plan, which looks at the individual needs and requirements, area's they have difficulties with, and what support they need to address the identified issues."

Interested in volunteering for Gateshead YJS?

Contact the Volunteering team on 0191 433 5110, or complete an expression of interest and see other opportunities with Gateshead Council