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New COVID-19 restrictions
From Friday 18 September new restrictions will come into force.
Problems with forms and payments
We are currently experiencing technical issues with some forms and payments on our site. The issues are being investigated and we hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Education and learning

A safe return to school

Schools and educational settings across Gateshead have now reopened.

All schools have completed a COVID-19 specific risk assessment to help keep our children, school staff and their families as safe as possible. 

Find out more

An image relating to Schools
Find out about school meals, term dates and view our school directory.
An image relating to Adult education
We deliver a number of day and evening courses across Gateshead.
An image relating to Childcare, education and support
Information about childcare, and help and support for parents and professionals.
An image relating to Gateshead Local Offer
Gateshead's local offer for children with special educational needs or disabilities.
An image relating to Further education
Further education is post-secondary, post-compulsory education (in addition to that received at secondary school)
An image relating to Workforce development and training
We offer non-accredited and nationally accredited training courses.

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