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Gateshead Adult Caregivers Strategy 2024-2029


From Councillor Michael McNestry - Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care

In introducing our strategy, I would like to recognise and express my appreciation to all caregivers supporting their loved ones, family members and friends in Gateshead. You are the unsung heroes at the heart of our communities, providing essential support to some of our most vulnerable people.

This strategy has been developed across our Carers Partnership, and most importantly in partnership with caregivers in Gateshead, and we would like to especially thank those caregivers who generously gave their time to work with us to develop and shape the strategy; we hope the commitments we are making in the strategy give you assurance that your time and effort was worthwhile.

The strategy sets out the ways in which we will work together to improve the offer to caregivers in Gateshead, to make sure that they can live thriving lives, where their own needs are fulfilled alongside their caring role, and where they are valued for the contribution they make as caregivers.

Through our Carers Partnership we will oversee the implementation of the actions identified within the strategy, and address any obstacles to achieving the action plan. We will continue to raise the profile of caregivers in Gateshead and celebrate the crucial role that they have in supporting people with care needs.