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Changing Futures Northumbria Privacy Notice

Who we are and what we do

Changing Futures Northumbria provides tailored support to those experiencing multi-disadvantages. It is part of a national programme funded by the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC).  

Four touchpoint teams made up of organisations at different locations across the region offer support for the programme:

Touchpoint team  


(joint data controllers) 

Gateshead Council  

Change Grow Live  

The Probation Service  

2 Way Tenancy Solutions  

Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust  

Oasis Community Housing  

(data sharing agreements) 

Humankind (South Tyneside Council)  

Recovery Connections (Sunderland Council)  

Gateshead Council  

Emergency Room  
(joint data controllers) 

Queen Elizabeth Hospital  

Gateshead Council  

Womens' Services 
(joint data controllers) 


Changing Lives 


Gateshead Council 

Learning how services need to change in order to improve the support provided is key to the project. 

Gateshead Council is the lead Local Authority for this regional project. The core project team are based at the Civic Centre, Gateshead. The named organisations are joint data controllers or have data sharing agreements for information collected about you. 

This privacy notice provides specific information about how we processes your personal data. It is an addition to the information contained in our Corporate Privacy notice.

What type of information is collected about you  

We collect personal information to understand your needs and provide services. For touchpoint teams to provide the holistic, tailored support required, we collect: 

  • name 

  • address 

  • email address 

  • telephone number  

  • date of birth 

  • gender  

  • National Insurance (NI) number  

  • NHS number 

We may collect the following special category data: 

  • health information and your use of health services 

  • criminal records 

The following information may also be obtained from you, when and if you are comfortable to share it:  

  • engagement and experiences encountered with services  

  • your goals and aspirations (what 'matters' to you) 

  • your life's journey and any trauma experienced and the impact this has had on you 

  • family background and associations  

How we collect information about you  

We collect information about you from various sources to ensure that we meet your needs, including: 

  • face to face contact 

  • by email 

  • by telephone  

This information will be captured in a journal (Excel document) by the caseworker. 

Why we need your information  

Our purpose for collecting your personal data is to enable us to: 

  • support and work with you to improve your current circumstances 

  • understand your support and intervention history to learn how we can remove the barriers to support and improve systems 

Data will also be collected to monitor progress and measure changes in outcomes.  

The lawful basis for our processing is:  

  • consent  

Our lawful basis for processing of sensitive personal data is:  

  • explicit consent  

Who your information can be shared with 

Our Corporate Privacy notice explains information sharing the Council carries out. This sharing fulfils statutory obligations, legal requirements and service delivery.

We ask you to consent to sharing your information between the named organisations as part of the programme. 

We will only share non-anonymised information with organisations outside Changing Futures Northumbria: 

  • with your consent to build a full picture of your circumstances and provide the right holistic support 

  • where project organisations must do so by law 

To help others like you, we want to learn from your experiences. With your explicit consent, we share your information within each of the following workstreams:

National Programme evaluation 

Caseworkers help the beneficiaries to complete the Delta Questionnaire which is the project's national evaluation tool to build the evidence base to underpin future work to support people facing multiple disadvantage 

Learning team 

Information and data within caseworker journals is analysed and synthesised by the Learning team to understand changes needed.  This learning is shared in an aggregated form and any case studies are redacted.  

Burning Platform 

An individual's personal data is shared to obtain partner records for inclusion in this workstream. This data is also shared with Social Finance (learning partner) who is helping with this evaluation and the relevant data sharing agreement is in place.

Digital Platform 

We share case studies with Northumbria University to aid the development of a bespoke digital national evaluation tool. This builds the evidence base underpinning future support for people facing multiple disadvantage. It assists public bodies and voluntary communities to deliver support in a unified and bespoke way.  

Any further sharing of information is anonymised so that no individual can be identified. We may share this anonymised information with:  

  • Regional Enablers Network of invested strategic key stakeholders from the public, charity, and voluntary sectors 

  • Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLHUC)  

  • National Lottery Communities Fund 

How long we will keep your information  

We keep your information for as long as we need to provide services to you. We may also need to keep your information in accordance with legal or other obligations. Where we have no need to keep your data it will be securely destroyed. We keep a Record of Processing Activity (a requirement under the GDPR). This sets out the specific retention periods applicable in different circumstances. For more information please contact:

Charlotte Wainwright, PSR Programme Manager 
tel: 0191 4332061  

Where your information is held

We hold personal information in secure electronic systems on Gateshead council servers and in the Microsoft Cloud. 

How you can update your information 

Our delivery of efficient services depends on the accuracy of your information. 

Please inform us of any changes to the following: 

  • email address 
  • personal circumstances 
  • postal address 
  • any of the other information we hold 

Please contact:

Kathryn Bolton, Programme Coordinator (Changing Futures Northumbria) 
tel: 0191 433 2828 

Your information rights  

Please see the relevant section of our Corporate Privacy notice.

Marketing and e-newsletters  

Please see our email marketing privacy notice.  

Business intelligence, profiling and automated-decision making  

Please see the relevant section of our Corporate Privacy notice.

Protecting your information  

Please see the relevant section of our Corporate Privacy notice. 

Data Protection Officer  

Data Protection Officer
Civic Centre  
Regent Street  
NE8 1HH  

0191 433 3000  

Information Commissioner's Office  

The Information Commissioner is the UK's independent body for upholding information rights. Visit their website to find out more about your rights under Data Protection law, and what to expect from us. 

For privacy practices or data protection rights concerns, contact the Information Commissioner's Office:  

Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House 
Water Lane 
Cheshire SK9 5AF  

0303 123 1113 or 01625 545 745