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Travel plans

Travel plans are a great way to get you and your employees thinking about how they travel and the choices available.

Transport is a major contributor to carbon emissions. Small reductions can have a positive impact on our local environment. Additionally, fewer private cars on the road makes our streets safer and more pleasant places to spend time.

Travel plans bring all modes of transport together. By asking your employees what is preventing them from using active travel and public transport, you can put measures in place to encourage these trips.

Benefits of fewer cars at your workplace include:

  • better air quality for everyone

  • less congestion

  • improved relations with neighbours, less noise pollution

  • reduced parking requirements.

Employees will benefit too, as they are likely to arrive at work less stressed by the commute. Research shows that employees who actively travel to work are happier and take fewer sick days.

A travel plan isn't a document you create and then put on a shelf and forget about. By surveying your employees on an annual basis you can find out what new barriers have arisen preventing active travel and address them.


We can give you free access to the Modeshift travel plan monitoring software to help you survey your staff and keep all your data in one place. Modeshift is a membership organisation sharing best practices in sustainable travel delivery.

Contact us if you would like to sign up for Modeshift or need support and further information writing a travel plan.

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