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Neighbourhood Management Privacy Notice

Who we are and what we do 

Neighbourhood Management Team is part of the Housing, Environment and Healthy Communities directorate at Gateshead Council. We are based at the Civic Centre, Gateshead. We provide the following services:   

  • work with local communities, other services and other partners to help improve the well-being of Gateshead communities  
  • we work to reduce inequalities and help everyone thrive  

We help the Council and partners to maximise the effective use of their resources through: 

  • maintaining relationships  
  • identifying area and neighbourhood priorities  
  • we use a smarter targeting of services to ensure greater community cohesion 

We work out in Gateshead's communities as part of its Locality and Areas and Neighbourhoods approach to help ensure local services meet local demands and needs. We do this through: 

  • community engagement and development  

  • brokerage and offering advice 

  • support and guidance to local community groups and the wider voluntary sector 

We work closely with other Council and partner services to help ensure residents receive the services they require and identify areas where improvements could be made. 

We also work closely with Ward Councillors, offering named officer support across Gateshead and oversee the Council's Local Community Grant Fund. 

This privacy notice provides specific information about how we process your personal data. It is an addition to the information contained in our Corporate Privacy Notice.   

What type of information is collected about you  

Depending on your circumstances, the type of information we collect about you may include:  

  • name  
  • address 
  • benefits claimed  
  • contract details 
  • date of birth 
  • disability data 
  • education  
  • employment status  
  • financial details  
  • marital status  
  • members images  
  • other household  
  • supervisor records 
  • application forms 
  • training records 

This information may be collected if you:  

  • apply to the Local Community Grant Fund  
  • are being provided with vouchers that can be redeemed at Gateshead Foodbank for a food parcel  
  • attend a local event 
  • have requested a food parcel, or help with benefits, debt management, energy costs or job hunting 
  • have expressed an interest in being a volunteer 
  • take part in the Holiday Activities and Food Programme 

How we collect information about you  

Generally, the information we hold will have been provided by you, but we may also collect information when we receive a referral from an external agency or other Council department.  

We also collect information about you in the following ways: 

  • face to face 
  • by email 
  • by post  
  • by telephone 

You can enquire or apply to be a volunteer by visiting Our Gateshead website.   

Upon visiting our website, cookies are used to collect information about website usage. You can see more information on how we collection web usage information on our cookies page. 

Why we need your information 

We need information from you so that we can respond to your request for help or for one of the services provided by the Neighbourhood Management Team.  

Our lawful basis for processing your personal data for the above purposes (Article 6) are:  

  • you have given clear consent for us to process your personal data for a specific purpose  
  • task in a public interest or in exercise of public authority  

Our lawful basis for processing your special category personal data (Article 9) are: -  

  • for reasons of substantial public interest (with a basis in law) 
  • health or social care (with a basis in law) 
  • manifestly made public by the data subject 

Who your information can be shared with 

Our Corporate Privacy notice explains information sharing the Council carries out. This sharing fulfils statutory obligations, legal requirements and service delivery.  

When sharing information, the Neighbourhood Management Team will comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act 2018 / the GDPR. Where necessary or required, we may share your personal information as follows: 

  • details of the holiday activity and food programme is shared with the Department for Education 
  • the volunteer coordinators will be notified that there is a volunteer interested in their role through the volunteer plus system 
  • with Citizens Advice, NHS and other Council services in relation to any requests for food parcels and help with benefits, debt management, energy costs and job hunting 
  • with Trussell Trust Food Bank if you receive vouchers that can be redeemed at the food bank for a food parcel 

If we wish to share your information with other council services or third parties for purposes outside of those listed above, we will ask for your permission. 

How long we will keep your information  

We keep your information for as long as we need to provide services to you. We may also need to keep your information in accordance with legal or other obligations. Where we have no need to keep your data it will be securely destroyed. We keep a Record of Processing Activity (a requirement under the GDPR). This sets out the specific retention periods applicable in different circumstances. For more information please contact 0191 433 3000 or email 

Where your information is held 

Volunteer data is held on Volunteer Plus which is a secure system managed by Connected Voice. 

Your personal data is also held on shared internal drives.  All of these are either password protected, or access approvals are in place. Photographs are also held on Council mobile phones and iPads, which are password protected. 

How you can update your information  

Our delivery of efficient services depends on the accuracy of your information. 

Please inform us of any changes to the following: 

  • email address 
  • personal circumstances 
  • postal address 
  • any of the other information we hold 

Please contact 0191 433 3000 or email 

Your information rights  

Please see the relevant section of our Corporate privacy notice.  

Marketing and e-newsletters  

Please see our email marketing privacy notice.  

Business intelligence, profiling and automated-decision making  

Please see the relevant section of our Corporate privacy notice.  

Protecting your information  

Please see the relevant section of our Corporate privacy notice.   

Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer  

Civic Centre  

Regent Street  


NE8 1HH  

0191 433 3000  

Information Commissioner's Office  

The Information Commissioner is the UK's independent body for upholding information rights. Visit their website to find out more about your rights under Data Protection law, and what to expect from us. 

For privacy practices or data protection rights concerns, contact the Information Commissioner's Office:  

Information Commissioner's Office 

Wycliffe House 

Water Lane 


Cheshire SK9 5AF  

0303 123 1113 or 01625 545 745