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Vary Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)

Apply to make a change to the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) on a Premises Licence

Every premises licence that authorises the sale of alcohol must specify a Designated Premises Supervisor (with the exemption of Community Premises that have applied for the requirement to be disapplied).

The DPS will normally be the person responsible for the day to day running of the premises. 

In Gateshead we expect the DPS will have day to day responsibility for running the premises and will be present at the premises at least 50% of the time in a seven day week that the premises are open for the carrying on of licensable activities.

The DPS details are contained on your premises licence.

If the DPS changes you must notify us immediately and apply to vary your premises to nominate a new DPS.

If the DPS leaves employment at the premises, alcohol cannot be continued to be sold at the premises until an application to nominate a new DPS has been submitted.

You may also wish to seek your own independent legal advice prior to submitting an application.


You can only apply to Gateshead Council if you hold a premises licence with us.

Who can apply to change the DPS

The current holder of the premises licence or an agent or Solicitor acting on their behalf.

Who can be a DPS

The person you are proposing to be the DPS must hold a current personal licence.

What you will need to apply

For a valid application you must:

  • complete the prescribed application form
  • provide the consent form of the proposed DPS
  • return the original premises licence (or an explanation as to why unable to do so)
  • notify the exiting DPS of your application
  • ·pay the application fee

A written application for a premises licence must be made on the prescribed form.

If you wish for your application to have immediate effect to enable you to continue your normal course of business then you must request this in your application.

Application fee

The fee for the application is £23.

Apply online

Applications can be made online on the website (opens new window).

Additional requirement for applications submitted via post or in person

For applications submitted online the Licensing Authority will send a copy to Northumbria Police.

If you post or submit your application in person to the Licensing Office then you must provide a copy to Northumbria Police. Information on their contact details can be found on the  Responsible Authorities Document (PDF) [116KB] (opens new window) .

Once you have submitted your application

Northumbria Police have 14 days to consider the application.

At the end of the consultation period if no representations have been made the licence will be granted and issued as soon as possible.

If representations are made a hearing will be held with our Licensing Sub Committee to determine if the application is granted within 20 working days after the end of the consultation period.

An Applicant or Northumbria Police are able to appeal our decision to a Magistrate's Court within 21 days of the notice of decision.

If you no longer wish to be the DPS

If you are a DPS and no longer wish to continue that role authorising the sale of alcohol, please notify us of this in writing. You should also inform the licence holder.

You can do this online on the website (opens new window)

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