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Resident Influence Panel

This is a new resident group for Gateshead Council tenants and leaseholders. The group has an important role working with other tenants, leaseholders and employees to make sure we fulfil our commitment to design our services based on real customer experiences.

The Panel has two main aims:

  • Hold the Council to account, making sure that residents' experiences are influencing service design and delivery
  • Act on what customers tell us through formal engagement, but to also make sure that we proactively listen and gather feedback from the wider resident base

The Panel helps to create and embed new influencing opportunities for residents, including a review of our existing involvement groups such as Service Improvement Groups.

Meetings are planned on a monthly basis although this may vary depending on the tasks being undertaken by the Panel. They are held as a mixture of in-person meetings and digitally via Teams.

We are currently working with tenants and leaseholders to develop a workplan for this group. If you would like any more information, please email

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