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H-bar driveway markings

We want to make sure all dropped kerbs for vehicular property access are implemented as safely as possible.

Advisory markings are sometimes installed to the edge of the road in front of vehicle crossings (accesses to private driveways or other hard standings) to deter other road users from parking there.

The H-bar markings are advisory and are not enforceable. We can take no action should a driver park over the markings. 

If an obstruction to the highway occurs, you can't get onto the road due to a parked car, then you should report this to the police. 

Eligibility criteria

We will only consider installing an H-Bar marking where the private driveway and footway crossing are not clear to other road users.

We will not consider installing an H-Bar marking if:

  • there is no waiting restriction at the location (yellow line)
  • the marking would be within a parking bay
  • there are bus bay markings at the location or adjacent to the proposed marking
  • there are edges of carriageway markings
  • it will adjoin an existing H-Bar marking

Application process

If you would like an H-bar at your property please complete this application form (PDF) [86KB]  and return it to us using the address listed below.

Before you apply, please be aware that:

  • there is a fee of £112.00 for a H Bar road marking assessment, include a cheque for the amount with your application
  • there is no formal appeals process as we make all decisions within our agreed protocol
  • we will review approvals every three years
  • the H-Bar will be no greater than 4.3 m in length
  • by applying you will be agreeing to fund the future maintenance, replacement or removal of the marking.

We will notify you of the outcome. It can take about 10 weeks from receipt of your application to receive notification of our decision.

If it is a refusal we will state the reasons in our protocol why you have not been successful. There is no formal appeals process as all decisions are made within our agreed protocol. 

If the application is successful then we will contact you about the installation and the cost of this work.

If you want to progress then we will need payment by cheque to cover the costs of the project.

As mentioned above we will review the marking every three years. If the H-bar needs to be removed it will be at your expense.

It should be noted any future maintenance to renew the H Bar road marking there will be an additional fee of £103.50.

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