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You should always tell us of any changes that may affect your Council Tax or respond to our written request for information within 21 days.

The law allows us to charge a penalty of £70 if you fail to tell us about:

  • a single person discount that should have ended
  • an exemption on a dwelling that should have ended
  • any other discount that should have ended
  • a change of address 
  • any change to the household that affects who should be the liable person
  • information that was requested to establish liability
  • information that was requested after a liability order has been obtained

Penalties will normally be added to your Council Tax account and a new bill will be sent to you.

Additional penalties

If you've had the first £70 penalty added to your Council Tax bill and we need to make further requests for the same information, we can add further penalties of £280 every time you fail to supply this information.

If you disagree with the penalty

If you disagree with a penalty, you should discuss it with us first so that you can explain why you disagree. Please contact us and we can advise you how to proceed.

Payments during the appeal process

If you do appeal, you do not have to pay your penalty until your appeal has been decided. You should continue to pay your Council Tax until a decision is made.

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