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Request to light the Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Thank you for your interest in lighting the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. To confirm your request please fill in all of the information on this form. Once we receive your completed request we will confirm the booking and issue an invoice which must be paid by the indicated date. We look forward to receiving your request for this unique and exciting opportunity.

If you do not pay in full before the date indicated on your invoice, your booking will be considered invalid and we will not proceed with the lighting instruction.

The price of lighting the Gateshead Millennium Bridge is £240 + VAT unless you fall into one of the following bands.




Band A

Registered Charity with less than £100k turnover in the last financial year

£60 + VAT

Band B

Registered Charity with £100k-£500k turnover in the last financial year

£120 + VAT

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