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Library terms and conditions

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  1. I agree to return all items hired or borrowed on my ticket by the due date. The Council is entitled to make a charge in accordance with the list of published charges in respect of items not returned by the due date. The council may take legal action to recover its property and any charges owed by the applicant.
  2. I accept full responsibility for all charges due to Gateshead Council which are attributable: a) to the use of the membership card issued under this application, whether such use occurred with or without my knowledge or approval. b) to damage, loss or theft of any item whilst loaned or rented to the applicant* (this charge shall not exceed the full replacement cost)
  3. I will notify the library immediately if my card is lost or stolen. Failure to do so will result in me becoming liable for all charges accrued on the account. The Council is entitled to charge me for the replacement of membership cards.
  4. I will inform the library of any change of address.
  5. All property hired or borrowed from Gateshead Council is subject to copyright and the making of copies is a breach of this copyright, for which I may be liable to prosecution. Information taken from the internet should not be republished.
  6. I acknowledge that Gateshead Council will not accept any liability for any damage caused to equipment resulting from the use of any product hired or borrowed from Gateshead Libraries.
  7. I agree to the full terms and conditions for the public computer service. These terms may be amended from time to time. A current version is available from all libraries
  8. The Council is entitled to withdraw my ticket upon breach of any of these terms and conditions.
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